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2018 at a glance

Successul doctoral defense in November!


Barjolin-Smith, A. (2018). Surfing through music: Sharing the surf lifestyle on a reggae frequency. Riffs: Experimental Writing on Popular Music, 2(2).


Gathering Diversities, Sounding Justice
IASPM-Canada Annual Conference. University of Regina, Saskatchewan, May 2018. 
“The semiotics of Instagram in the study of popular music: #findingdiversityinsurfbands.”

Sounds, Scenes and Urban Policies: Contemporary Issues and New Horizons for the Geographies of Music
IASPM and AAG. New Orleans, April 2018. 
“Music in surf town typology: Alternative spaces of a subculture.”

In store for 2019:


Turns and Revolutions in Popular Music Studies
XX Biennal IASPM Conference. Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, June 2019
“Glocalization of surf music: The Floridian strand.”


Music in the olympian representation of surf culture(s)

American surfers: Music and affect

Environmental awareness in discursive strategies of American surfers

  • Ethno-esthétique du surf en Floride : impact des liens entre surf et musique sur les marquages identitaires , sous la direction de Claude CHASTAGNER
    , Doctorat Études du monde anglophone , depuis le 04/01/2016